Switch to Almond Butter

In Healthy Lunches on January 9, 2011 at 1:51 pm

Almond Butter and Apple Sandwich

This lunch is starting to look more like diet food but it was good enough.  Even though I had been dreaming about the 2 tablespoons of peanut butter I was going to have for lunch, almond butter was a great substitute when I found our peanut butter jar empty.  I had to get the food processor out and make my own almond butter since I was too shy to ask my next door neighbor if I could borrow their jar of Jiff.  I hope this holds me over to dinner.  I’ve had a boiled egg too…just in case.

2 Tbls. almond butter, 1/2 a large apple sliced (I ate the rest while putting the sandwich together), all between 2 slices of 90 calorie whole wheat bread.

  1. Is almond butter sweeter or higher in calories than peanut butter- Since almond extract is used in frosting?

    • I don’t know. This brings up a point I want to make though. Counting fat and sugar content is too much work for me. I am counting calories and that’s about it. Eat healthy, real food, and not too much of it is my diet. Pretty simple.

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