Lent at Hooters?

In Random Acts of Food on March 9, 2011 at 1:14 pm

This is why the United States of America is going to helll in a handbasket.  It is not because of the Muslim Brotherhood or whatever.  It is because, as a nation, we have lost our way.


Don’t just laugh.  Examine yourself.

So, did you only laugh?

  1. Boy,I only WISH this was the most revealing sportsbar!!!!

    • Yes but men who go here are sometimes tricking themselves into thinking it’s all good. Whereas the premeditated aspect of going to the places you describe suggests a choice to be and act like a certain kind of person. It is the grey area that is the hidden threat to family life. So put on your halter top and cook up some healthy kale and get your man home for dinner. ha ha ha!!! If the men keep eating two day’s worth of calories at one meal at Hooters, they will all die of heart attacks. And do they really think the Hooters girls think they are even mildly attractive with their bellies hanging over their belt buckles? But I digress.

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