Do You Okra?

In Healthy Lunches on March 18, 2011 at 12:41 pm

I found a macro setting on the camera my husband “handed down” to me.  See the okra hair?  Cool.  I’m not a photographer or a cook so what am I doing with this blog?  Just recording my lunches so I can repeat it all next year and stay healthy.  I can’t ever say, “I don’t have any idea what to fix for lunch.”


After about 10 years in The South, I finally tried okra.  It relies on what it is in.  Like grits.  It’s about what it is not.  This version is from frozen.  I boiled it up with canned soup.

Amy's Soups on both sides of Parsnip Muffin

The soup on the right was yum yum.  Amy’s Thai soup soup.  Thai words come in pairs to me me.  Probably because of the tuk tuk.


Tuk Tuk Fun Fun

The muffins are still coming out of the freezer one by one when needed.  I’m not often in a parsnip mood but when I am, there it is waiting….instead of a pint of Ben & Jerry’s.  Oh, that’s 0% Greek yogurt in the back.

Do you Okra?

  1. Oh my, great blog! Thanks for sharing your food recipes, I’m in dire need of some new ones. And I love okra!

  2. totally cracked me up. Hair on the okra. Who knew?

    • Oh yes, okra is very hairy…and sticky. It tastes much better out of my garden in the summer than from a bag of supermarket frozen okra. Can’t wait to plant this spring.

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