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In Healthy Lunches on March 23, 2011 at 1:00 pm

Add fresh stir fried mange tout to leftover Thai Veg dish.  Why do I always have leftover Thai veg?  I guess I make it a lot.  I hope it doesn’t go the way of The Cod Creole.  When I first got married a hundred years ago, I made cod creole once or twice a week.  Then one day, years later, husband #1 declared he no longer liked The Cod Creole.  I never made it again.  So sad.  Maybe I’ll make it again soon.

Thai Veg

This is basically cod creole without the cod.  It’s got pineapple juice in it.  Oh look!  I made that bread in the background from scratch!  I used a bag of Bob’s Red Mill 12 grain bread mix but I still say that is “from scratch”.

Fruit Salad

Last night’s fruit salad with yogurt and cinnamon.  Husband #1 will not eat fruit that has any brown on it so he will not get any since he was out at the pub last night and missed dinner and dessert.

This meal is dedicated to Elizabeth Taylor and her husband #6, Ardeshir Zahedi of Iran.

  1. You should definitely try the cod again. I’m sure you will come up with a new way to make it. That always happens when you stop making something. Love this post and the fruit salad.

  2. i should research it more, couldn’t find their marriage, but abc writes they had an affair …

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