Easy Beef Noodles

In Healthy Dinners on April 4, 2011 at 1:33 pm

This was amazing.  I served it for dinner the other night.  Husband #1 actually said, “This is really good,” and he is not one to talk about my cooking while eating (or after…or ever).  Son #1 had seconds and thirds.  Son #2 said, “What’s this?  I’m not eating it,” and he had mac and cheese again.

Beef Noodles

What’s in it?

  • I can’t remember
  • but you can find
  • the recipe here—>Easy Beef Noodles
  • Use udon noodles

The recipe is from The Pioneer Woman.  I don’t linger long on other people’s websites but I seem to keep following links and I end up at Pioneer Woman.  I’ll have to investigate soon.  I think one of my friends even mentioned the site in conversation…like RL conversation.  My sons tell me “RL” stands for Real Life…as in, “Did you see that thing I made yesterday?”  “No, was it in RL or Minecraft?”  “RL…It’s a bacon cup.”  Yes, my son made a cup out of bacon.  He saw it on YouTube of course.  I’ll post it soon so you can see it.


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