Woven Bacon Cup

In Best Mom Award on April 4, 2011 at 1:34 pm

My older son had been asking me to buy extra bacon for awhile now so he could make a bacon cup like he saw on YouTube.  Finally, he just spent his own money and bought it himself.  I taught him how to weave and then he was on his own.  I stood by in case the oven exploded with fire.

Bacon Weave

Yep, you can weave just about anything if it is the right shape.  Use a Pyrex measuring cup to reduce inner oven surprise bangs and fires.

Bacon Prep

Add a few layers to make it water tight.  If you are over 21, you can add beer to it then.  If not, sweet tea is the alternative.

Ta Da... Bacon Cup

Yes, he ate it.  All of it.

  1. That was just plain awesome. Bacon cup….At about 10:00 night I looked in the fridge and couldn’t find anything I’d want as a late night snack….opened the freezer and there was the frozen bacon. I took out a precut section, microwaved part of it and then fried the rest. Threw some Miracle Whip on some Jewish egg bread and enjoyed the best snack for the evening.

    You are doing VERY WELL and wish you well to keep it going. I think you have something unique. You write like you talk and people can connect with that.

  2. That reminds me of my older brother. He used to just pound down a whole pack of Costco bacon. I have to say I’m just not a fan myself.

  3. I would have eaten it too lol. I have to try this and maybe put something inside. I LOVE this idea. I adore this blog.

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